Ben Xi water caves
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Benxi Water Cave is a huge cave system located at the Taizi River. It is part of the Benxi Water Cave National Park.

As Benxi Cave is a river cave, most of the cave visit is done by boat. At the cave entrance is an underground wharf where the visitors enter the boats. The pier is rather big and up to 40 boats berth here.

The cave river is really enormous. With an average production of 230 liter per second. The river is up to 7m deep and the passage is up to 38m high and 50m wide.

In the huge entrance hall, a chamber wich is 50m long and 20m wide, 3000 years old human remains were found.


How to get there.

Busses leave every morning from Shenyang rail station, between 7:30 and 10 am. It is a bus trip of 2 hours 30 minutes.

Price for bus is 25.00rmb and entry to the caves are 80.00RMB.